So called "infill”, which is artificial grass infill in the form of rubber granules, is introduced between synthetic grass fibers for the purpose of their stabilization and provision of suitable playing comfort. Basic structural elements, on which artificial grass carpet is installed, include:

  • Infill – the filling has two layers: sand and rubber granules. Quartz sand ensures drainage and stabilization of synthetic grass, while rubber granules ensure good surface flexibility and safe playing. Additionally, both layers "care" for horizontal position of artificial grass fibers and prevent their relocation, kneading and deformation.
  • Base – it is usually built with coarse aggregate such as break stone, for example. Also, the base may be asphalt or concrete.
  • Substrate – the most common materials used to built the substrate is stone, gravel or debris. Main purpose of this layer is to stabilize the whole structure and to ensure its permeability, i.e. suitable water removal.


"Infill” is available in several types depending on its material. It is most common in fraction 0.5-2.5 mm.